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• Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced

• 90+ Videos 

• Each Video Mimics a 1 - Hour Class

• Building Vocabulary of Steps

• Musicality - Exclusive Course ($75)

• Send Your Video for Free Feedback

• Drills to Develop Skill & Technique

• Syncopations

• Social Dancing Clips

• Day 1 to Mastery Syllabus

• Ability to Teach Kizomba

• Payment is made to Teachable.Com

• World's Largest Digital Course Platform

Welcome to | Day 1 to Mastery | Structured Progressive Syllabus Course. I am Adi U and I have been a full time Salsa, and Bachata teacher since 2003 and was part of Hip Hop dance troupes before that. I have taught workshops and performed in many congresses in several countries over the years. Many dance companies around the world have been inspired by my choreographies and dancing, which is reflected in their shows too.

In 2014, I attended my first intensive Kizomba instructor-training program by my guru, Mr. Nelson Campos, and when the first time I watched him dance, my first reaction this time was “I knew it!” there had to be something beautiful about this dance which has made millions fall in love with it fell in love with the dance. So, I invested years in training, practicing, and teaching this style and the more I dance the more I learn and continue to evolve. I also started seriously training in Tango as I felt that it would be vital to improve in technique.

Finally, years later I have made a solid structured syllabus that I would like to share with you today that ensures that

  1. if you’re a teacher you can follow a structured progressive syllabus to teach to your students, no more YouTube and

  2. if you’re a beginner, you will learn to dance Kizomba like a pro as you will be guided through my systematic approach to help you reach there and you will be surprised as to how refined and skilled a dancer you can become. You will learn all the cool moves that will help you stand out in socials.

  3. if you're an advanced dancer, you will get to add structure to your vocabulary to better reproduce your steps on the floor. There are a lot of knowledgeable tips for refinement as a professional dancer too.

This is possible because my technique has been inspired by many dances of different disciplines and I have been working on it, testing it and continuously modifying it till I felt I was ready to share it with the world.

In this course there are 3 levels namely Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each video ranges between 10 – 25 mins and simulates what my 1 hour weekly-class looks like. I recommend that you watch 1 video per week for the first 3 weeks of a month and practice all the steps you have learned in the 4th week.

Now, what most strongly motivated me to create this online course is the overdependence on YouTube to learn stuff - different dances, different skills, just about anything and everything. Let me ask you this, if I told you that when you have kids, to not send them to school because you can learn everything from you tube, what will your answer be?

What you see is a demonstration of a move that someone has spent years perfecting during the training which he got in a systematic way which you don’t have access to, so how can you pick that up so easily just by watching on YouTube? Moreover, if you’ve managed to pick that step up without any understanding of the mechanical aspect of it, you really haven’t learnt it, let alone learning the dance as such.


Guys, we have spent years on getting it right, and the most important thing that stands out for me is a structured syllabus. There needs to be a proven systematic progression in your training in anything you do... remember your schooling?

This course is for you. You may be

  • someone who is just starting off and have never danced before

  • you may be a professional dancer of a different discipline

  • you may be a Kizomba dancer who is looking for that structured syllabus style learning

  • you may be 15 and want to try something that is new age, rapidly evolving and very different from anything you’ve seen before

  • or you may be 65 and want to try something that's fun and easy to do.


Currently, Kizomba is one of the most popular and fastest growing social dances in the world and this course is exactly what you need to take you from Day 1 to Mastery :)

This limited time offer for the bundle includes

1. Dance Kizomba | Day 1 to Mastery | Beginners (36 Videos) $150

2. Dance Kizomba | Day 1 to Mastery | Intermediate Level 1 (9 Videos) $50

3. Dance Kizomba | Day 1 to Mastery | Intermediate Level 2 (9 Videos) $50

4. Dance Kizomba | Day 1 to Mastery | Advanced Level 1 (9 Videos) $50

5. Dance Kizomba | Day 1 to Mastery | Advanced Level 2 (9 Videos) $50 

6. Kizomba Musicality | Things you can't learn at Festivals $75

Total value of $425

All of this available at only $175, that's 60% off, until 31st December , 2021, 11:59 PM

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